May Recap
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It was such a busy month! Let’s see what bloomed!

LayerZero RFP!

With the sudden news of the LayerZero snapshot, we put our heads down to write and release our LZ RFP that we’ve gotten great feedback on!

April Recap
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April flew by! Let’s fill you in on our progress!

In April, we saw our sixth consecutive month of growth, with a nearly 50% jump in transactions! We added almost twenty chains on and are finishing up our new implementation that will see several new inbound chains!

March Recap
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March was a busy month and we're super excited to tell you about our progress!

We added a dozen chains between and, which puts us over 150 chains total! We're proud to offer the most chains of any bridge to refuel gas.

Feburary Recap
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We've seen monthly volume double THREE TIMES IN A ROW! Leading the way were:

• Scroll• Base• Arbitrum
Inscriptions Announcement
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Over the past year, we've witnessed the explosive growth of inscriptions across several ecosystems, and now we want to let our users participate while also enabling them to engage in the LayerZero messaging protocol...

January Recap
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As we wrap up January, here's a quick rundown of what we've been up to at Gas:

We're proud to announce the integration of 50+ chains, with $TRX as our first non-EVM addition. Most used chains this month include...

Tron Release
Loading date... is excited to announce TRX integration! You can now bridge and receive TRX on!

We’re excited to announce Tron as our first non-EVM addition to the 100+ chains available on Gas.

When looking at new additions, Gas was interested in the TRX ecosystem, second to only the Ethereum network, with over $9 billion...

2023 Recap
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It’s been a wild year and we’re excited to see people onchain again. It seems most of the bear market is behind us and we’re seeing building and deploying at a rate we’ve been missing for years.

The Gas Team wanted to share our journey through 2023 and where we plan to go into 2024 and beyond.