What is is the fastest one-stop gas refuel bridge for over 0+ chains and counting. You can instantly bridge to multiple destination blockchains with just a single inbound fueling transaction. Unlike traditional bridges, is optimized to send gas fueling amounts to blockchains you want to explore around the ecosystem.

How does work? has a deposit contract deployed on all supported deposit chains that splits your inbound native token (usually ETH) and instantly settles your selected transaction amounts to your selected destination chains. For example, if a user wants to send $10 from Arbitrum to Base, Optimism, Mantle, and Manta, they send one $40 transaction from Arbitrum and receive $10 on their four destination chains.

What inbound chains does support?

You can send an inbound fueling transaction with Ethereum.

What outbound chains does support? supports a total of 0 destination chains (0 mainnets and 0 testnets), seen on the homepage and we're constantly updating with more chains.

How much can I bridge with allows users to bridge any amount between $2 and $50

Where is integrated? is integrated in smol.refuel, Blockscout and Family Wallet.

Are the contracts public or open-source?

All the contracts on are open source and verified here.

What if I have an additional question or need support?

If you have additional questions or need support, please join the Discord and open a support ticket!